Gemini II Technologies will provide strategic, operational and tactical capabilities in IT consulting services, unmanned systems, cyber security, big data and infrastructure solutions to the United States military, intelligence, homeland security and state and local first responders. 

  • We will assist technology companies to gain access to military and intelligence decision makers and train their business development teams on planning and strategy development. 

  • We will optimize new client channels and evaluate competitive marketing segments, processes and development of new information technology services.

  • We will assess your market place and include and overview of current offerings, potential targets, define problem spaces with insight into providing how to best deliver value.


  • We will partner with academia, industry, federal, local and state governments to develop innovative capabilities in protection of homeland security, defense of our country and support our allies around the globe. 

These capabilities focus around secure cloud technology, mobile devices, cyber defenses, collaborative open video framework in support of unmanned aerial vehicles and unattended autonomous vehicles as they mature in commercial and homeland defense. 

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